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Updates around production and delivery

Due to shortages of materials and raw materials, many production companies worldwide have problems in the supply chain. Almost all production companies in the Netherlands have experienced problems due to supply problems since 2020. As you may have noticed, Beyuna also suffered from this. Last month the Beyuna Protein was out of stock for a while and this was caused by the same production and delivery problems. We now have the same problem with the Beyuna Vita. The supplier of this product experiences complications with the supply of the right raw materials and the production process. The current stock of the Vita has an expiration date until October 2022 and there is unfortunately no prospect of new stock in the short term. At the moment we are looking at possibilities with other suppliers. You can still order Vita, but keep in mind the expiration date.


Are all supplements free of doping?

Did you know that Beyuna has her food supplements checked for doping-related substances by an independent laboratory in England?
Studies have shown that dietary supplements may contain doping-related substances. As a result, the use of dietary supplements can pose a risk to top athletes. This can lead to a positive result after a doping control. In order to remove this risk, the doping authority has set up the Dutch Security System for Nutritional Supplements for Top Sport (NZVT). This system offers manufacturers and suppliers of food supplements the opportunity to have their supplements checked for doping. The products that have been checked and found to be 'clean' are included in the NZVT list and the Doping Range App.

Beyuna Supplements

Beyuna has every batch of all her nutritional supplements checked and these supplements are also on the NZVT list. These supplements can be used without risk by top athletes. Even if you are not a top athlete, you might think that you would rather not take food supplements that have the risk that they contain doping-related substances. That could be a reason to choose the Beyuna supplements.

We are happy to report that the Beyuna Magnesium and also the Power have been approved again. If you go to the website of the doping authority, you can see the NZVT list. In the search bar you type in Beyuna and then the list with the approved Beyuna supplements will appear.

Beyuna Vita

Beyuna Vita consists of chromium picolinate. Chromium contributes to a normal metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and proteins. In addition, chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels. In addition, it contains DNF-10 and Sinetrol® Active Living. Sinetrol® Active Living is a composition of blood orange, grapefruit, orange and guarana seed extracts and L-carnitine and is a patented product. Beyuna Vita has a vegetable capsule, which makes the product vegan.