Tired of computer eyes? Try eye yoga!

Red, irritated or burning eyes, these are common complaints, which are also called Computer Vision Syndrome or computer eyes. Because we stare at screens of all sizes all day long, our eyes have to endure a lot these days. What can you do about this? Eye yoga!

Of course, these computer eyes are not only caused by computers, our TVs and telephones also play a large part in causing our eyestrain. And that's because we keep our eyes open longer, blink less and sit close to our screens. In addition, the vibrations of the screens are difficult for your eyes to process, and all this increases the tension of the eyes. This can also cause you to squint, which in turn can cause (more) wrinkles around your eyes.

Eye yoga: this is how you do it

Watching screens is more like staring, while eyes naturally want to move. Screens make your eyes work overtime, while eye yoga provides the necessary relaxation. The exercises improve the blood circulation in the eye, which ensures better vision and a relaxed feeling.

Exercise 1:

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your eyes. Relax your eyes deeper and deeper into your sockets and breathe in and out slowly. Our eyes have an enormous need for oxygen. Then open your eyes and look up for a count of three and look down for a count of three while keeping your head still. Close your eyes for a moment. Open your eyes and look to the left for three seconds and then to the right for three seconds. Close your eyes and repeat this exercise by looking diagonally as well.

Exercise 2:

Set the alarm for one minute and start blinking. Left, right, at the same time, as if your life depended on it. This is a kind of massage for your eyes! Then close your eyes for a minute.

Exercise 3:

Make circles with your eyes, slowly and quietly and as large as possible. From left to right and then the other way. Do this three times per side. Pause for a moment and then look around you for a minute at all you see. Don't linger anywhere and move your eyes until the alarm goes off.

Exercise 4:

Find a point in the distance, as far as you can go (ideally, you're outside or looking out a window) and stare at it for a few minutes. Then raise your thumb up to your eyes and look at your thumb and then at the point in the distance and then back at your thumb. Do this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 5:

Rub your hands together to warm them up. Then place your palms like cups over your closed eyes. Let the darkness and heat work on your eyes. Stay like this for five minutes.

What else can you do before your eyes?

Hopefully your eyes will feel nice again after doing the above exercises. What else can you do? It sounds logical, but it's not easy: try to limit your screen time. Do you spend hours in front of your laptop for work? Then set an alarm every 20 minutes and walk away from your desk for a while or stare outside, to a point far away. In addition, glasses with a blue light filter can provide some relief and grid glasses would improve vision. Finally, some supplements also contribute to vision.